Carmel Dagiandis

Carmel Dagiandis

Candidate for Northern Metropolitan Region

Carmel Dagiandis

I am a person who likes to take an holistic approach to life. I love nature and the preservation and protection of all living beings especially the vulnerable.

As a person who has lived through trauma, violence and ill health I feel that now is a perfect time for me to focus on empowering other victims to find their self worth and obtain justice for the crimes committed against them. Without hesitation I will stand strong and be the voice for all who don’t have the courage to have one. I am passionate about the changes that need to be made in order to make my community safer in this country. 

I have fears and insecurities but my passion and determination to help others is far greater than any fear that lives within me. 

I am ready for this challenge in serving my community and I will give it my all to obtain law and order in restoring stability in the lives of all victims. 


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