Deb Butler

Deb Butler

Candidate for McEwan

Deb Butler

I am a single parent to 3 terrific young adults and have lived and worked within the electorate of McEwen for more than 12 years. Born in Victoria, our family lived in a housing estate in Frankston with my both parents needing to work, so l understood from an early age about financial hardship, fortunately the strong friendships formed by neighbours, the encouragement to participate in various sports strengthened the spirit of our community.

I have worked within the hospitality industry all of my working life -as a small business owner, hospitality consultant and as a chef.

I know first-hand the challenges faced by families, and the mum guilt of trying to juggle work while trying to raise a healthy happy family.

I have been asked many times why am l standing as a candidate, insanity might be the first thought that comes to mind, but it is the frustration, then anger that successive governments are not willing to listen and act for the communities they represent, particularly in tackling the issues associated with climate change.

Most importantly l stand as a candidate for Derryn Hinch Justice Party because l believe the policies we represent can strengthen communities,  particularly an electorate as diverse as McEwen.

This election and beyond it is my hope that we can have more voices involved in the decision making  that reflects the views of both our indigenous community and multicultural Australia .


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