Lachlan Andrew O’Connell

Lachlan Andrew O’Connell

Candidate for Dunkley

Lachlan Andrew O’Connell

I’m a PE teacher at a local boys’ high school, and play football for De La Salle’s Old Collegians in my spare time. I love the outdoors and being active, and encouraging kids to embrace exercise and sport. I studied a bachelor of applied Science (health and physical education) at RMIT. As a physical education and health teacher at a high school I understand the importance of fitness in young adults as it’s critical in our fight for better mental and physical health in the community. I am a big believer in strong government investment in our public schools. I believe school should be a fun and safe environment and as a teacher I am able to ensure this with my kids. Derryn's focus on child safety really speaks to me, and I want to be a strong voice for young people, not just at my school, but for the community.

I have been lucky enough to travel and live in different parts of the world.  As a young boy I lived in a small town in France for a year, I also travelled to Vietnam for a month last year, where I was able to see a completely different culture and stay with a host family for parts of the trip. I find the exposure to different cultures extremely eye opening.

My involvement in my local football club has taught me about teamwork, commitment and community spirit –lessons which I would take to the world of politics. I’m glad to see that the AFL has embraced the message of respect for women, which is also something Derryn stands for.

I strongly believe in the policy’s of the Derryn Hinch’s justice party,  including animal welfare and domestic violence reform. I would be proud to represent the great electorate of Dunkley as part of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party.

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