Philip Seabrook

Philip Seabrook

Eastern Victoria Region

Philip Seabrook

Philip joined Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party as its Core Policies reflect his values and beliefs that the Justice System in Victoria is ignoring the will of the people and the current government is not addressing the issues being raised quickly or sufficiently well enough.

Philips belief is that the major political parties are currently too interested in playing politics with each other’s policies rather that listening to the messages being screamed at them.  This politicking has left him feeling extremely disillusioned with the major political parties. Philip’s stand on matters such as this has always been “if you don’t like the way matters are being handled or addressed  you only have yourself to blame if you don’t do something to fix it and you have no right to complain” in other words if you not willing to do something about it, stop complaining.  Which is one of his strengths as a candidate in this election. He is a straight shooter who has no hesitation in expressing his opinion and will stand up for his constituents.  Political Correctness, religion and ethnicity are not part of his vocabulary.

Being a 4th generation Gippslander Philip understands both the major political parties think that the State starts and finishes within a 40 Kilometre radius of the Melbourne CBD and have forgotten that the people they were elected to represent in regional Victoria are very much a core fabric to the State’s economy and with the right support have much more to offer.

Philip and his wife raised their family in Sale where he worked as a Detective for 14 of his 21 years in the Victoria Police. Since leaving the Police Force, among other ventures, he has owned three small businesses in Sale where he proudly employed numerous staff and has watched from a distance as many of them have evolved into contributing members of our society.

It is a privilege being preselected by the Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party as a candidate for the Eastern Victoria Region and would be honoured to be elected as your Representative in the next parliament.

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