Rhonda Crooks

Rhonda Crooks

Candidate for Eastern Victoria Region

Rhonda Crooks

Rhonda is a proud Victorian with her heart firmly entrenched in regional Victoria. Rhonda joined Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party (DHJP) following Senator Hinch’s successful initiative to cancel passports of convicted paedophiles within his first year as a Victorian Senator.

“I felt proud of what Derryn was able to achieve so I researched and I read and re read the party’s policies and Derryn’s maiden speech.

It became apparent that I share the same concerns about justice, particularly leniency around bail, sentencing and parole.

Additionally the ridiculousness of convicted sex offenders afforded anonymity to protect their welfare. How can our children be warned who to avoid when the law protects the perpetrator and not the potential victim?”

Rhonda brings to the party her compassion, her adept advocacy and negotiation skills which are well-developed through her professional and life experiences across many industry sectors. They include justice, community services, self-employment, government and agriculture.

“I have worked with many clients in the age care sector and I have also worked one on one within a Victorian prison. Derryn’s continued perseverance pursuing staff to resident ratios in age care facilities further highlights to me the cruel disparity between age care and prison.”

If elected I will work to achieve the best and fairest outcomes for the residents of the Eastern Victorian region. This will include exploring further employment opportunities in agriculture and tourism, remembering Victoria is Australia’s largest agriculture producer and employs 91,000 people.

Voting for the Derryn Hinch's Justice Party (DHJP) on the 24th of November will send a clear message to Spring Street that we’ve had enough, she won’t be right mate and it’s time for fair and positive change for the people of regional Victoria.

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