Simone O’Brien

Simone O’Brien

Senate Candidate

Simone O’Brien

I’m a domestic violence survivor and a firm advocate and an outspoken supporter for domestic violence prevention, with a strong association with White Ribbon. My journey started in 2012. I suffered a horrific domestic violence attack at the hands of a perpetrator who would not take “no” for an answer. It started with emotional and psychological abuse, including telling lies, stealing money and insults. And it ended with me being beaten with a baseball bat to within inches of my life.

These days, I travel around Australia to raise awareness and share information on how to build healthy and respectful relationships, speaking at schools and workplaces, and improving community understanding of the warning signs. As a domestic violence survivor, I use my personal story of resilience, courage and strength to champion this cause. I was drawn to Derryn Hinch himself, and to the Justice Party, because he is a strong ally in this fight for women’s and children’s safety. 

I’m a Horsham local, and have strong ties to my local community, where Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party enjoys fantastic support. My three kids lucky to be growing up in regional Victoria, in such a great and supportive community. I’m proud to be standing as Derryn’s #2 – it would be an honour to serve Victorians in Australia’s parliament, and to fight for services including healthcare and education.   

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